Worship Ministry

Here at Clare Assembly, we believe in cultivating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit has dominion over our lives.


One of the ways we do this is through worship. When we can not contain our joy, we lift up the mighty name of Jesus for the hope He promises. When the enemy fights, we fight back with songs of praise unto the Lord. In short, worship is our natural response to God. 

Our worship service is multigenerational: we sing the latest songs by Hillsong United, Elevation Worship, and Bethel Music while also incorporating a hymn full of solid theology every week.


We worship Jesus with all of our gifts, including musicianship, singing, lighting, media, tech, live streaming, and more.


Jesus Christ is worthy of our best and deserves the best sacrifice we have to offer.

-Pastor Jonathan Harper

Have you considered joining the Worship Team? 
Requirements of Involvement:

1. You have been regularly attending Clare Assembly for at least 3 months.

2.Understand priority of commitment and quality on the Worship Team.

3. Must be punctual for all rehearsals and services.

4. Must be worshipers of Christ on and off the platform, must have a pure public representation of Christ on social media, and your lifestyle must resemble a born-again Christian. 

Application Process: 

1. Interest Form (Fill out this form)

2. Read and sign Worship Team Ministry Covenant 

Once the above is completed, a Worship Team Leader will contact you for the following:

1. Audition

2. The outcome of the audition 

Worship Team Interest Form
What area(s) are you interested in auditioning for?
How often would you be interested in serving?
Are you a regular attender of Clare Assembly (do you attend weekly)?

Church/Daycare Info

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