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Ask for Help

By Jonathan Harper

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I had the great idea to start renovating the church youth room. Pastor Dave and Michelle, the former youth pastors had done a great job creating a friendly space for students, but 6 years later, it was time. After being used by both kids and youth on Sundays, the youth room needed some help.

Like anyone in the beginning of a project, I jumped in head first, asking for no assistance. “I’m still young and in my 20s,” I thought. “I got this.”

However, it soon became apparent that I needed some help. We wanted to update the lighting fixtures and my knowledge of electrical stops once I plug my phone in for a charge. I knew almost nothing of the phantom wires running this way and that. And sure, ripping down drop ceiling looked easy, but what about the metal grid the tiles sit on?

How does the metal grid come down?

What do I do if the walls need to be shimmed out?

How do I use a paint spray gun?

Can’t we just say the new youth room is the pole barn outside and call it a day? Rustic is the new black. It’s plenty rustic out there.

I needed help. Enter our Building Hope team: Tim Anderson, Larry and Deb Farrow, and Larry Carr. Tim, a former contractor, gave me the green lights for all of my ideas and the confidence to get started. Larry and Deb have volunteered DAYS of their time to help take down the drop ceiling and figure out the paint spray gun. When I texted Larry Carr for help, he said “Yea buddy, when do you want to start?” about 2 minutes later. Our team knows how to help.

In the Book of Colossians, the author Paul writes in chapter 3 to encourage Christian households how to live and interact with one another. He gives direction for husbands, wives, and children. He addresses everyone, because his next statement applies to everybody. Near the end of the chapter, Paul ends by saying, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” (v. 23)

Tim, Larry and Deb, and Larry have learned the timeless skill of working for the Lord and not for men. They won’t talk about it. They will just show up and show you. So the next time you need help, remember to ask.


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