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Healing Means Kneeling, Part Two

This two part series from Pastor Jonathan Harper, Worship, Youth, and Children's Pastor at Clare Assembly, continues the idea "Healing means Kneeling". Want to read the first in this series? Click here. Picking up where we left off, Jonathan has expanded on the story of the religious leader whose daughter had died.

Expect healing through faith when you believe. Can you imagine how much the faith of the synagogue leader increased after he witnessed Jesus healing the bleeding woman? Both the man and the bleeding woman believed Jesus could heal, for he held and still holds authority over sickness and death.They acted on this belief. Let’s examine the belief of the bleeding woman.

“Come on, everyone,” yelled the new groom, “let’s celebrate!” A loud cheer went up from the crowd. Hand in hand, the groom and his new bride danced their way into a happy frenzy. The crowd eagerly joined in. A woman stood a distance from the synagogue and watched, her lip trembling to hold back tears.

“Oh,” she said to herself, “Look at my baby girl. She’s beautiful!” Suddenly, footsteps approached.

“You shouldn’t be here, Margret,” shouted the quickening footsteps.

Margret turned, sobbing. “Josiah, please. That’s my daughter! That’s our daughter!”

“That was your daughter,” was the quick response from Josiah. “Now she’s a stranger to you. You don’t know her and she certainly doesn’t know you. Let’s keep it that way. Leave.”

“Please,” shuddered Margret, “For twelve years I have not kissed her cheek on her birthday, held her hand. If I could only-”

“And risk getting her sick too?!” shot back Josiah. “Mar, look at her! She has the rest of her life ahead of you. Do you want her to end up like you? A bleeding hag of a woman, unclean? We don’t even know how you got this! According to the law, I cannot touch you.” He paused. "If you love her, you’ll leave, now.”

Margret was a mess, sobbing, “I don’t- please, just, please-”

“Hey!” shouted Josiah, “I hear the Messiah is in town,” he said sarcastically. “Maybe he will heal you.”

Defeated and broken, Margret sighed, “He has to.”

Jesus was her only solution. For twelve years, she had this disease. Ancient remedies or herbs did nothing. We do not know the woman’s name, but we know she did not want to be seen by Jesus. However, her faith inspired her to act. Actions speak louder than words. Allow people to witness your belief through your actions. Believe God can heal you today. Believe God can heal your situation and your circumstances. When you believe, you pursue Jesus.

It’s a dusty road Jesus travels on. Lots of people are walking around. Yelling, selling food and livestock. Margret sees Jesus and knows he is her only hope. She is also embarrassed about her sickness. “I won’t ask him to touch me and heal me,” she thinks. “I don’t want to bother him. His cloak! Yes, I will touch his cloak.” It’s surprisingly easy to work through the crowd towards Jesus. She suddenly finds herself within an arms reach. Tenderly caressing the outer fibers of his cloak, a warm sensation fills her body. The bleeding has ceased, but Jesus immediately stops walking. Margret tries to flee, but the crowd is too packed. She looks back at her hand extended toward the cloak and now sees another hand approaching: the hand of Christ. Her gaze follows up his arm and into His eyes.

“Take heart, daughter. Your faith has healed you.”

Expect healing through faith when you pursue Jesus. The text says that she “came up” to Jesus, similar to pursue. The woman went out of her way to touch the Messiah, and He responded with: “Your faith has healed you.” What an incredible thing to hear from the Lord most high! What does it mean to pursue Jesus? What does this look like? Why did God design us to want to pursue Him? Due to sin, we live in a fallen and broken world. Suffering is a reality of life. However, Jesus came to bring healing to a broken world. He is alive today and wants to bring healing now. Jesus heals in multiple ways! The healing Christ brings is a gift. Take heart and exercise your faith. When you see someone hurt or sick, do not just say, “I’ll pray for you.” Do it right then and believe! Pursue the healing of Jesus. Pray with authority, for we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. The same power that conquered the grave lives in us. For when you pursue Jesus, your perspective can change.

Expect healing through faith when your perspective changes. Everyone thought the daughter of the synagogue leader was dead, even the leader himself! Jesus proclaimed that she was only asleep and then brought her back to life. His perspective was different from the normal diagnosis. I wear contacts and glasses. Without them, I would not be able to read. They literally change my perspective every morning when I put them on for the better. When our perspective changes, we witness how much closer we can draw to Jesus. For example, our marriage really isn’t dead, it’s only asleep! My devotional time with God really isn’t dead, it’s only asleep! My desire to take care of my body isn’t dead, it’s only asleep! My bad back isn’t dead, it is only asleep! Put on the glasses of faith today and allow Jesus to change your perspective. Miracles did not just happen in the Bible. A miracle can happen today. Our perspective changes with Jesus in the picture.

With Jesus in the picture, anything is possible. Christ can use any amount of faith to heal. If you’re bold like the synagogue leader and directly ask Jesus, he can use your faith. If you are afraid and timid yet still believe like the bleeding woman, Jesus can use your faith.

So today, ask for healing. Ask in a way that challenges your faith to grow. Be specific, standing on what Christ did in scripture and what He is going to do now. Jesus can heal you. Won’t you allow him to use your faith today?


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