Clare Music Institute

For less than Netflix, students grades 6-12 can learn a musical instrument.
Lessons can cost $5-20 per student per month with musical instruments provided.*  
*Read below for more details. 

What is CMI?

The purpose of Clare Music Institute is to provide quality music lessons for students grades 6-12 at an affordable price.


The music lessons are taught from a biblical perspective, with the end goal of equipping the future worship leaders of the church to know how to worship Jesus and aid their local church.

When is CMI?

CMI occurs on Wednesdays, after school at Clare Assembly from 3:30 PM to 7:45 PM. 

Hang on. You're expecting my kid to sit still and take music lessons for over 4 hours?! 

Not exactly. Here's the schedule:

3;30 PM- Arrive and light snack

3:40- Moment of Worship, asking the Holy Spirit to help us focus

3:45-4:15 PM- Session 1 

4:15-4:20- Break

4:20-4:50- Session 2

4:50-4:55- Break

4:55-5:25- Session 3

5:25-5:30- Get ready for dinner

5:30-5:45- Dinner via Subway

5:45-5:50- Clean up

5:50-6:20- Prep for Wednesday Night Service

6:30-6:45- Service begins with Worship

6:45-7:45- Dismiss to classes: Girls Ministries and Rangers 

7:45- End! Parents pick up

**NOTE: Currently, CMI will be offered seasonally as follows-

January- Yes

February- Yes

March- No (Track season)

April- No (Track season)

May- No (Track season) 

June- No (Summer)

July- No (Summer)

August- Yes

September- Yes

October- Yes

November- Yes

December- No (Christmas and such) 

Who is CMI for?

CMI is for students grades 6-12. 

Who is teaching the students? 

Our Worship, Kids, and Youth Pastor, Jonathan Harper will be handling the instruction. He's been leading worship in the local church for 10 years, studied worship leadership at Oral Roberts University, has performed at over one hundred live music gigs (weddings, restaurants, festivals, hotels, hair salons, etc.) and has been a music instructor for the past 3 years,

Wait. How is one guy going to teach a bunch of students at the same time?

YouTube. It's Gen Z's version of Wikipedia. Clare Assembly currently owns multiple iPads and MacBook Pros. Using these tools, the students will learn via instruction videos by some of the best YouTubers in the business: Worship Tutorials, Churchfront, Loop Community, Drumeo, Sunday Keys, and more. Pastor Jonathan will float in-between students to handle questions and offer personal instruction. 

So... Can't I just look up those YouTubers and learn on my own? 

Sure! Go for it! However, CMI offers a couple things YouTube videos never can: 

1. Personal Accountability. 

2. Personal, face-to-face interaction with other people. 

3. Access to great gear and great instruments. 

4. Deep Work sessions: no phones, no distractions, practicing.

5. A personal instructor there to help. 

How much is CMI?

There are two pricing options, each depending on providing the students with a dinner: 


1. Dinner Package 


Dinner Package (dinner is either 6" or footlong from Subway)- Clare Music Institute costs $20 per month, per student. If the month has 4 or 5 Wednesdays, the price stays the same.

If a family has a second student, that second student is $10 per month, bringing the total to $30 a month for the family. 

After two students are paid for, every additional student from that family is FREE.

Example: The Jones' have Jimmy and Johnny who want to join CMI. Cost: $30 per month.

Example #2: The Smiths have Peter, Paul, Mary, David and Goliath who want to join CMI. Cost: $30 

Example #3: The Parkers have Peter who wants to join CMI. Cost: $20 per month. 

2. Brown Bag Package (Bring your own dinner) 

Brown Bag Package costs $5 per student, per month. 

If a family has a second student, the second student is also $5 a month (totaling to $10 per month).

After two students are paid for, every additional student from that family is FREE.


Example #1: The Banners have Bruce and Robin who want to join CMI but will bring their own dinner. Cost: $10 per month.

Example #2: The Primes have Optimus who wants to join CMI but will bring his own dinner. Cost: $5. 

What if students can't make all of the Wednesdays in the month? 

The monthly cost stays the same. 


Why does CMI cost money? 

CMI costs money to cover the cost of dinner for the students and to maintain the musical instruments. 

All of the funds will go to Clare Assembly to pay for dinners and occasional musical maintenance. 

None of the funds go to the instructor.

To put this in perspective, Pastor Jonathan currently teaches personal music and vocal lessons at $20 per 30 minute lesson. This is still an option for those who want personal instruction. However, he is reminded of the instructors he had through the local church who invested into him, and he wants to pay it forward for the glory of God. 

What tracks (instruments) are being offered?

Currently, CMI will consist of different tracks students can choose from:

1. Lead Piano Track (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

2. Piano and Vocals Track (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)


3. Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Track (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

4. Lead Electric guitar (beginner and intermediate) 

Drums Track (beginner and intermediate) 

6. Bass Track (beginner) 

7. Music Production Track (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

Why isn't there just a Vocals track?

Biblical answer: One of the main goals of CMI is to raise up students who could lead a congregation into worshipping Jesus in a local church setting on their own with no one to back them up. 

Business Answer: You won't get any music gigs if you're just a singer. Though A Capella music has it's place, singing an hour long solo in a restaurant is just awkward. 

What is the Music Production track?

Students will be learning how to run the software aiding and backing up the worship team (lights, lyrics, visual, audio). This includes Ableton Live, the Prime App, ProPresenter 6, LightKey, Planning Center, iMovie, Garageband, Capture, and how to run sound off a digital board. 

NOTE: In order to start the Music Production class, students must take a minimum of 4 weeks of a musical instrument class. This provides ear training, an introduction to theory, and musical appreciation. 

What if I need an instrument?

Guitar: We currently have four guitars for students to practice on while at CMI. 

Piano: We currently have four different keyboards for students to practice on while at CMI.

Bass: We currently have one bass for students to practice on while at Clare Assembly. 

Drums: We currently have three different drum sets for students to practice on while at CMI. 

What if I want my own instrument? 

CMI will help you purchase your own instrument. Here's how it works:

1. You attend 4 consecutive weeks of CMI (We have to know you're committed.)

2. We have a discussion about what kind of instrument would be good for you, your skill level, and your future. 

3. CMI, through Clare Assembly, will purchase the instrument via Amazon, Reverb, Sweetwater, etc. With your knowledge, this instrument may be new or used. 

4. Together, we will come up with a monthly payment plan to pay back Clare Assembly. 

5. The instrument will remain at Clare Assembly until the payments reach 75% of the original purchase price. The student can practice on their instrument during CMI.

6. The instrument is now used and can be sold at a "used" price. Once Clare Assembly receives 75% of the price of the instrument, the student now officially owns the instrument and can take it home to practice. (Ex: Clare Assembly buys a guitar for $100 and after a couple of months of payments, sells it to the student for $75). 

7. This payment plan for the instrument would be in addition to the Dinner Package or Brown Bag Package. 

How do I sign up for CMI?

1. Fill out the CMI Form per student. This lets us know if a student needs dinner, what track he or she is choosing, etc.

2. Pay Clare Assembly online on this website. You can set up monthly payments or just pay by the month.

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